The Silks on the Downs has brought together our community, including those from neighbouring villages and local towns, for over 100 years.  

Over that time, it has developed a very strong reputation, has been a hub for community meetings, has supported local events through catering and provided the first jobs for many of the young people in the community. 

Under community ownership we will create a friendly inclusive central hub for everyone to interact, find support and access community activities. Our community benefit plan tackles these issues, creates opportunities for our community to flourish and champions an environmentally sustainable future.  We will: 

1. Create healthy places in our Community which have positive impacts on physical and mental health

2. Celebrate our Local History and Heritage to increase feelings of pride and belonging 

3. Train Community First Responders to support the health and wellbeing of all 

4. Improve accessibility for all to reduce loneliness and social isolation

We've spent some time thinking about why we are doing this, our vision for the Society and how we will go about doing it.  We thought we'd share that here:

Why we do what we do

To connect, support and include our whole community in order to make a positive difference to the lives, wellbeing, environment and local businesses of Ogbourne St George, St Andrew, Maizey and Rockley. 


Our Vision

The Silks will act as a ‘Community Hub’ for people to come together to deliver benefits that support the lives, wellbeing, environment and local businesses within our whole community. The Silks will provide a community focal point and venue through which people can channel ideas and use The Silks to connect, support and improve the community. That could be by supporting The Silks directly, fundraising for community causes, supporting community campaigns, societies and activities, or organising fun community social events. 

How we will do this

  1. Community Support. By building a strong community network that calls upon our collective individual skills, talents and interests to support The Silks, community causes, campaigns and social events. 

  1. Community Spirit. By playing an active role in connecting the community around us to support each other, particularly those who are disadvantaged, feel isolated or in need. 

  1. Community Inclusion. By taking advantage of the rich diversity of our backgrounds and perspectives and continuously engaging with our entire community to understand and address their needs. 

  1. Community Service. By working together through The Silks to deliver benefits that support and improve the lives, wellbeing, environment and local businesses within our whole community. 

  1. Community Fun. By organising events that allow our whole community to connect, work and socialise together.