We care deeply about food quality, provenance and reducing food miles.  Our lowest food miles product is clearly the apple tree in our pub garden but here are some of our other key suppliers:

Sumblers Brother's Butchers are a family firm based in Marlborough and provide all of our meat.  It is locally sourced and known for their quality.  If you want to create great food, you need to start with great ingredients.

It would be nice if we could source fish locally but. given we are about 80km away form the coast. and. the River Og only flows at certain times of the year, we've had to go slightly further afield. Kingfishers of Brigham have both a good range of fish and are active in promoting sustainability in fishing.

Heritage Fine Foods are based down the road in Devizes supply our fruit and vegetables.  They attempt to source as much as possible from local farmers but have (as yet!) been unable to find a local lemon grove to keep our gin drinkers happy!

Ramsbury is our nearest brewery (about 4km as the crow flies) and as well as carrying some of their beer (Gold) and lager (Red Ram) on draught we have a range of their bottled beer and we stock Ramsbury Gin - a favourite in the village!

Broadtown Brewery is based in Swindon (and Calne) and kindly brewed our opening beer "Silks Saviour" (if you hurry, you may get to try this lovely beer) and we also stock a range of their bottled beers - worth exploring

We thought we'd travel slightly further afield for our third brewery but only as far as Bristol. Butcombe provide us with a range of ales, lagers and other drinks.  Butcombe Original is proving popular!